Friday, October 09, 2009

JH Land Trust Photography Project

Saving the land.

This farmer whose land has been in the family for generations, in fact, homesteaded early on in the history of the area is deeply concerned for the future of farms like his.

HIs farm is situated in one of the most beautiful spots you can imagine, under the Tetons on the western side. It is also surrounded by equally beautiful land that has been bought up and plaited. When the economy returns these field that go as far as the eye can see will be houses as far as the eye can see.

Once an agricultural eden a great portion of this land is in a sense already " gone".

The farmer approached JH Land Trust for help in saving the land for agricultural use and for at least one farmer of the future, one of his sons.

I, like so many, have long thought JHLT the most valuable agency in the valley. Shooting these 4 ranches, the 1 farm, has been an education. I have learned about the land and the people maintaining it and, most importantly, about what an agency of dedicated people can do to save it for ALL of us.


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