Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A reunion on Saturday with friends, Myron and Betty, that we have not seen in..yikes...30 years. The time together was filled with great, as you might imagine, great memories. In addition to that, I must say, also with awe at all that has taken place over the years including Myron's biking across the country. I failed to ask but got the impression this jaunt was not all THAT long ago. Could be the fact that Myron had biked some obscene amount of miles only the morning of our lunch together that left me with this belief.
We actually knew Myron's father, Leo, when he was about Myron's age. When we met him, Leo was up on a ladder picking fruit. We, so much younger at the time and burdened with the erroneous impressions of age that relative youth possess, we concerned that he might fall. Ha! the genes in this family are phenomenal! Myron is 80 and, like Leo, way ahead of us all in brilliance and physical prowess!


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thanks to you both for a wonderful afternoon!


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