Sunday, June 06, 2010

Unplanned Hong Kong

An air evac flight to Hong Kong after an unfortunate bout of HACE ( High Altitude Cerebral Edema) gave me a hospital stay there and then a fine few days of recovery in this city.
Mostly, as above, my good time was looking out the huge hotel window but on the last day there- a week ago today - we made it to Ladies Walk.
If all of the rest of Hong Kong is Tailor's Mecca then surely Ladies Walk is the epicenter of foot massage. Placards touting this service almost prevent walking, especially at street junctions, but walk and stroll people do.
The stalls as you see are huge. Products push up the walls about 15+ feet and agressive sellers are ready to climb those walls if need be to get the purse, tee shirt or...I did see this.. sequined, multi colored elephant trunk men's underwear. Seller- " give me good price, give me good price".

Will write about China soon, some impressions, some pictures. Our trip therre was 60% aborted and, understandably, there are some bad association as can be the case when you get horribly ill anywhere. Still, our view and experiences, being far from the big cities, filled in some gaps in our thinking about this hugely important country so will pass on some of that.


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