Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sophie's Place

After years of planning the dog park opened last week. We went to the opening as representatives of THE OTHER ANIMAL and also because we love these small town community events. Saw a number of dog friends there and met others for the first time. One very old fellow - I was told by his owner - was there because he heard there was beer.

The park was named for a dog who died with her owner, a vital young woman named Kristen Karns, in a tragic auto accident just two weeks prior to the opening. Kristen loved and tended dogs. At the time of the accident, Kristen had, along with Sophie, her three month old baby, Harper, and three other dogs she was caring for in the car with her. Harper and the three dogs survived.

This tragedy was surely in the back of everyone's mind as we watched all the dogs cavorting together like grade school kids on the playground. Still, it was a joyous occasion and clearly a perpetuation of Kristen's life and love.


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