Friday, November 19, 2010

The Day of Adventure

Anticipating a day on our own with all babies safely tended to and the hours from M's drop off at school until time to pick her up thusly covered, J and I called it Our Day of Adventure.
It was a roasting hot day so after the walk with M to school, I changed clothes to a less than lovely but respectable ( I thought until my skirt, just above the knee, was deemed too short for a special Buddhist Temple site) and above all cool.
We started then off in an icy cab to Little India.
Not being an fan of Indian food and not knowing India at all, I was not overly keen on going there but, like many of life's lessons, was surprised and happy to be so.

When we arrived it was too early for many of the shops but, walking around, we came upon a truly impressive Indian temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple ( take that spellcheck! ) As J writes in her blog, it was exotic and very much like being off traveling and, since I indeed am off traveling, very satisfying as well.

We explored the fresh market, the huge clothing floor upstairs from it and I just sort of goggled at all of it. We made some purchases ( see for more and better coverage of this!) then moved on to Chinatown.


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