Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday Nite Clubbing

Lauren opened out eyes to the 11th Street club scene this past Sunday night. Her very talented and overwhelmingly adorable friend, Heidi, was performing with The Wronglers .

Along with other eager attendees we lined up outside Slim's on 11th St to get stamped and, well, squashed into a throng of folk, um, youngER folk, cheek to jowl awaiting the opener for the night, The Barbary Ghosts.

With some help from a staff member we were gifted some stools in a space against the wall to the right of the stage. Getting a shot, especially of the hugely popular Wronglers was a challenge* that I pretty much gave up on although, entirely out of necessity, getting across the room through the sea of people to get to the loo and back proved doable. I discovered my Inner Linebacker.

Both groups were great, the evening memorable and all in all I am eager for more.

* above, an image of The Barbary Ghosts, is shot through a railing on the right of the stage. dark at the left of the image was a large post. Twas my personal best!


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