Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I just walked out past the cabin, solo, quiet and ever alert to the wildlife that frequent the wetland.

Looking to my right I see, in a strong ray of sunlight, an unfamiliar tree. A bit of magnificent movement revealed not golden branches but the antlers of a HUGE bull elk. After staring at each other for some minutes the bull and I, at the same time, slowly turned away - I to come back home to tell you about this, he to continue on his stealthy way with what is likely to be an ever increasing harem.

I have seen several herds here at 2750 in the past years ( Ariel spotted the first one about 3 years ago as she drove up at night). There have been at least 2 groups come through every year since as they head up the levee to cross the Snake. This is the first elk I have seen in daylight and up close. What a great life this is living here!

( most of the time I have a camera with me on the walk. This walk was to be just out and back before an appointment so, so in haste, I failed to grab it. THAT lesson AGAIN!)


Blogger Lolo said...

Love the back up on both~

2:18 PM  

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