Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, coming home from GTNP, we came upon this chubby bear ambling down the Moose-Wilson road. ( photo by T.)
Today, heading home from a walk on the levee ( with no camera in hand- when will I LEARN ), we came upon a bear. We had heard on Sunday that one was near by so felt somewhat reassured about safety by the fact that we had bear spray and that there were three landscape workers, the guys who saw yogi first, between us and the bear.
In a most nonchalant way the bear ambled off the levee and onto the path we take to get home so we had to cut through a yard and walk somewhat parallel to where we assumed the bear was headed. Happy ending. No more bear sitings however it seems pretty likely that the bear probably had another siting of Mullers.


Blogger Lolo said...

what a healthy bruin!

8:12 PM  

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