Sunday, December 02, 2012

THIS WEEK ~ 2 12 12

  This week started with, as I practiced my Mendelssohn, the audience of an eagle a first to follow the moose, deer and ducks.

A walk with a dear friend visiting from CA added to the grace of Wednesday.  J. loves and misses Wyoming and truly savored the brilliant day and the snow.

And in this week~ a great gift of love and sisterhood that can happen in small towns like this: a gathering of the friends of a precious, beautiful and most talented friend who is now in Chicago fighting a serious battle for the return of her heath.  We met not as friends particularly known to one another but as friends known to this special woman. We met in her studio and together made art for her.  The evening ended in a circle - appropriate as we are the Circle of Love for Barbara - where we sang and repeated a Metta prayer for her healing and for the healing of us all, for we all do, in fact, need healing in one way or another.
Note: everyone there participated in the making of a book for Barbara that consisted of our on personal pages, personally adorned and generally based on our thoughts about the value of Art in all of Life.  In addition we all dipped brushes into paint and together made a painting to be given to our friend.  A fragment of the large co- opted painting is above.


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Blogger Lisa said...

What Goddesses! And a beautiful gracious lovely gathering!

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