Saturday, December 21, 2013


How did it happen that the annual Artists & Writers Performance! gathering came around again when the last one was surely only a month ago?  Eh bien.

Thirteen of us gathered Wednesday for some outrageous fun and an extraordinary pot luck feast.

One member told me: it is so good to be so playful ( not the exact word but...) together at this meeting.  We are a pretty serious group, serious about our work.

  The A&W meetings, held once a month with the exception of the shoulder months of April and November, are based on the choice of theme by the host for that month.  The themes ~Ground Up, Out of Body,Waves, Play It Again are some that I recall from this year, Wabi Sabi, Shoes, Holes from other years~ never fail to evoke an assortment of creative work and a good two hours of discussion  and exploration of the creative precess.  So, yes, pretty serious.

December, then, is a let er rip meeting wherein non performers take the high dive leap and land on their feet performing.  This year we had songs, a reading from a newly finished novel,  piano performance, an enactment of Jabberwocky, dulcimer music, the playing and singing of our fabulous professional performer, Rebecca Ryan, and the world premiere of The Dame Edith improv take off on Dame Edna.  Directly above you see the characters: Dr. Judith, Dame Edith and Bubba Robertson from Dame Edith's live(ly) TV show.  Every bit of the performing from all of us required a LOT of risk and courage.  We were all having fun AND taking risks which, after all, is what creativity is all about. We are a seriously risky group capable of having a lot of fun.  Applause! Applause!


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