Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 A very kind lady offered to take a picture of me and my friend Susie this morning outside The Legion of Honor.  it was a brilliant, blue sky day as you can see in the upper left hand corner.
The Thinker. ( and thebrilliant blue sky day)
 Inside the exhibit Intimate Impressionists, unlike the Matisse Gallery only next door, photos - as long as they were, without flash - were allowed.  We could not figure out the difference in policy but there were no photos at all allowed in the adjacent room.
I particularly liked this picture.  it is of the inside of the artist's studio where his model appears to be deep in concentration before a painting.  Sadly, I cannot remember the artist - Vuillard perhaps? - and, in truth, the painting doesnt look like much here but in what i perceived in standing before it was an intense sense of something going on, an energy, despite the absolute stillness.  Even in photography that is not an easy thing to capture.


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