Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blustery Day at the Beach

Rodeo Beach, just on the other side of Golden Gate Bridge, was all wind and waves yesterday. The little bay there ,usually festooned with surfers, was foamy with agitation. Beyond the shore huge waves marked the edges of the channel that the ships must follow as they approach and leave San Francisco.

As we were leaving I spotted the van of a local nursing home parked in the lot across from the beach. A couple ladies were being assisted back to the vehicle but another, a beautiful woman perhaps in her late 80s, held fast to her cane and, long hair whipping about her face, leaned in to the wind. She was so exhilarated! Her smile was of the purest joy and radiated like a beacon. I knew that I wanted to take her picture but also knew this moment was not for a photograph but for a shared love of the wildness beyond.

Interesting isnt it how lives touch so subtly and yet so powerfully? Her delight in what others turned from is an inspiration that I intend to lean into.


Blogger The Blevins said...

We forget that as the world sometimes saps us of strength... it can also give of the same in return. Your description of the beautiful woman is crystal clear in my mind - no photo needed.
Thank you for image.

11:53 AM  

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