Friday, June 11, 2010

Trip Day 1

The Buddhist Temple in Kumming was a surprise to me. I am under the impression that Buddhism is not at all a vital facet of life in China yet this temple was not only reasonably active but undergoing significant restoration as well.

We were told by our guide that the reverent Buddhists are usually from the older generations. These people come early in the morning for serious offerings. The people pictured above are all on the young side and were, again as informed by our guide, pretty much hedging their bets by offerings for luck....luck in love, money, school, career etc.

The incense sticks are more incense candles. You can see on the second picture the days accumulation of wax from the burning stick/candles.

I will follow with some more images of this temple because it was truly serene and beautiful.
I was, however, wrong about the hospitality as mentioned below. That came later at another temple so stay tuned!


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