Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2 Dali ~Buddhist Temple

We visited this temple late in the day. There was no one around except a couple of elderly attendants at the Guang Yin shrine and later on a couple of domestic fellow travelers who were seriously fascinated by us.
We were told that this temple was exclusive for nuns but I saw none.

At the end of our wanderings the dinner bell chimed and the old couple gathered their things and headed toward the dining area. They turned to us and motioned that we should follow.

Once in the large and simple room we were invited to join the few others gathered there for the simple meal. Having other plans, we did not join them nor did I take pictures other than the one above. Some sense of decorum in this very quiet and, in it's way, lovely place precluded picture taking intrusion. Now in retrospect I remember the open faces and think in fact they would have liked a picture taken. It is always a fine line and where people are concerned I always err on the dont take it side.

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