Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip Day 2 - Dali - Rice Workers

There are many rice fields around Dali. I have searched the internet for a good link about Chinese farmers and rice workers but without success. I dont trust the bits of information floating around in my notes but will pass this tidbit of what I believe to be reliable information.
Rice workers , from the day they enter the fields never have a single day off, furthermore there is no concept of retirement. Rice workers work until they can no longer work.

I have read that the government is now giving these workers more attention, perhaps more aid or benefits, still the long, hot days bent double in deep muddy water is beyond most westerners imagination...surely beyond mine. *

* although i have seen migrant workers in the fields of Imperial Valley - this country - in the same hot sun and same posture, albeit without the mud, for the same long hours. The difference was that the Imperial Valley migrant worker very often was did not have work on an income the next day.

A storytelling town follows.


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