Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 6 12,000 ft

Arrived in Gyalthang at 12,000 ft in the afternoon. The day was blustery and cold. We had no idea as we drove through the outskirts of this town marveling at the Tibetan houses * and even more at the bright red Communist Youth flags in from out the houses that we would be retracing the route, I in great misery, the next morning.

The hotel staff of the Banyan Tree was welcome with sweet ginger tea on our arrival. Still, despite the elegance of the lodging ( seem above ) the place had on again off again government electricity and as a result it was very very cold.

The H.A.C.E. most likely started on arrival with a bad headache but it was not until the wee hours of Day 7 that it struck for real. I was one sick tourist with s single goal: get to lower altitude.

* our lodging was made from typical Titetan houses. You can see an example in the background of the image of the chorten.


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