Monday, June 28, 2010

Special Chinese Fried Rice

As mentioned, our friend H. is famous for his version of Chinese Fried Rice.

Here is his recipe~

Vegetables, all carefully julienned:

leeks, green part, or green part of green onion

Meat, both finely chopped:

lean pork
hard sausage, small amount

Rice ( he uses a rice cooker )

H uses a seasoning powder, spicy, available only in China. I think you could try Chinese 5 spice powder or
a bit of soy and/ or oyster sauce..anything really to your taste


have all of the ingredients prepared and close by.
Heat a small amount of oil
Stir fry pork and sausage in hot oil
Add veggies
Add rice
Add seasoning

Hint ~ Stir fry goes rather quickly. You can use the amount of each ingredient as per your preference, however go light on the oil and on the seasoning. You can always add seasoning but too much oil in the beginning will just make a soggy mess. It is also important that the oil NOT be to smoking point when you add the meat.

Very simple and very very good.


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