Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Jammin' at BCCHA

The project is, at bottom, about music bringing people together. All of the B&W images here and below are from one super place in SW Ohio, Butoer County Coon Hunters Association. There is a Friday night jam every single Friday night no matter what...not off for weather, not off for holidays.
The place is full of regulars who come there every week. Some travel a good distance to get there. Every Friday night has a different groups playing. it is a little bit like who shows up plays. Some players just show up to fill in.
There is a great country meal served at these jams and some people are there by 4 to get their tables and get started on dinner.

I will probably find more pics from this place ( that I LOVED!) but the next post will move on to another great venue

ps the little guy instructing a fellow player on a certain musical approach is a star to be for sure but more about him later.


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