Friday, November 19, 2010

The Day of Adventure

We grabbed a cab for Chinatown and J knew enough about it ( after one visit I think) to land us in a very good restaurant for lunch.
Fortified, we struck out in the midday sun to check out shops - a store with breathtaking jade and another with a good selection of tea were the ones that pulled us in. Further wandering led us, however, to a much more spectacular site -that of a Buddhist Temple, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. At this temple there was a significant chant service going on and we were privy to enter the main hall to see and hear it...even take pictures.
The structure of this temple is impressive with 4 elaborate floors. The first floor, pictured above, was enormously extravagant in icons and gilt.
After listening and appreciating for a while we began to explore the building further. We found a very fine museum on the 3rd floor depicting the life of the Buddha. However, when it was suggested my skirt was too short for the very important 4th floor, I happily, tiredly, passed.
Above you see that we headed for a cool drink and a warranted sit down.

The day was gorgeous and hot but at about the time we had both given out and it was time to get back for M's pick up a day school anyway, a formidable storm began brewing. we waited in a cab line watching the clouds and hearing the thunder and surely using up some valuable good luck chips got the very last cab before the heavens really REALLY opened. This was my first view of a Singapore WOW storm. It was beyond wonderful to see it from the cab and later from the hotel's hospitality room with a hot tea in hand.

and that ends the day of adventure! ( but for better reporting by far go to


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