Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mahalia Moose Update

While we have not recently seen the twin moose babies we have been visited pretty steadily for the past 48 hours by Mama Mildred and Baby Mahalia, the moose twosome from earlier this summer. We are even more certain that the mama is the very same moose that was a baby here last summer for now these two seem very comfortable hanging out right under Eddie's window. ( there should be an explanation here as to why Eddie has his own room but we will leave that for another post.) That baby moose and Eddie had a very unique friendship for much of July and August '10 and even now seem quite comfortable sharing space albeit with a solid wall between them.
Mahalia was pictured here with her mama in, I think, early July. Now she ( ahem ...or he) is looking so good...shiny coat and fat on aspens, willows and not a few plants from our garden. This is good news because winter will be here sooner than it should for a little being like our Mahalia.


Blogger Lolo said...

beautiful photos! resplendent lustrous.

8:58 PM  

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