Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Left late Sunday afternoon accompanied as far as LAX by a most beautiful sky. From LAX I continued onward on a most commodious flight. The direct flight from LAX on Singaporeis a huge improvement right there in the word direct because other trips have involved lengthy stops in Hong Kong or Tokyo and seemed to last "foreeeevvvveeer". Not that this flight was short - 17 hours from LAX to Changi is a whole bunch of hours. But oh! the space and service! Take a look at the 3 foot wide seat. like something you can only imagine these days, yes? Equally unheard of it that the entire flight is business class and since I used points it cost the same as every other flight I have taken - using points - to Asia.
Now, you may say all well and good but what about the kinder, what about J and O and the "more". I am afraid, despite the great comfort of the flight, yesterday began way too early ( breakfast on the plane was at 2:30 Singapore time) and proceeded in a laggy fog. Today is different. Today I think I may have, despite checking into the hotel at 6am yesterday, arrived. So more MORE later.


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