Sunday, April 29, 2012

So, how it works.

The maniquins have the facial structure of the actors, cheekbones, nose etc. Hours and hours, I was told, were spent filming each face in 3 D. The canisters that look like lights in the 4th image are 3 D projectors. On the wall behind the maniquins are speakers. The faceless maniquins in the 3rd image are actually the way all of the faces appear once the projectors are off.
Somehow, it was impossible, even with all of this astounding imagery going on, to miss the off the wall extraordinary creative vision of Gaultier. His collections, none could be accused of being tame or asexual, demonstrate a kind of genius that I think even mainstream French must be in awe of. Speaking for my ordinary western self, I was, well, to go to the first posting of this exhibit/experience below, stunned.

As for the maniquins that did everything but breathe, I must travel in time back to seeing my first tv in the window of Loveman's department store. When my father passed on I could not help but think of all that he had seen in his life time. Guess what? I am there.


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wild ! thanks for sharing

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