Monday, September 02, 2013


HERE in the land of very short, very sweet summers the tendency, as we fall into September, is to grab the shards of green and lushness and hold onto them for a moment or two.  Already the fireweed has turned to from vibrant purple to a smokey wispiness and here and there a few aspen leaves have turned to gold.  A couple of days ago I walked a few yards in the midst of a small migration of tiger butterflies.  Dragonflies and humming birds are still around but they too will be reminded to go South with nights in the upper 30s.

For me, it is a time of super and long walks and not a time for blog catching up.  That time WILL come - although September is usually gorgeous and will call me outside as well- and when it does I will have lots and lots of pictures from the summer... more of the kiddies, some special events, a special on how to make a Spanish Tortilla by dear friend, Pablo Sainz Villegas, who makes a mean tortilla but who is known for being " the world's greatest classical guitarist" and, inevitably, more pics from hikes.  Check back in a bit!


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