Monday, October 28, 2013


The resident shaggy dog, Dolce ( dole chay in vita) is licking the dregs of her bowl, a beautiful handmade creation with her name on it from one of her two godmothers, Jenness.  The shag BTW will be addressed at her 2nd grooming appointment on Friday.  ( Oh! this is all so new to me!)

And then there is King Edward feigning a sheepish look as he indulges in his own deadly sin, chewing on plastic.  ( cant watch him all the time).

Mathilda the baby moose is almost as big as her mama now.  Sadly for her, rut has started and soon probably both she and her sweet mother will be with child.  This all seems so cruel for the babies do seem to wander around for a full year looking forlorn.  But then round and round we go again.  The cow above would surely have been one of the recent babies to hang out here.

The weather has been glorious until today.  Today we misses a much touted storm but have the dark chill and rain mixed with snow that seems to drag on until the first big dump of white. And, look, here i am back indoors and catching up on this blog. As always, i hope there is someone out there looking at the post but, in truth, cannot fault anyone for disappearing.  i certainly did for a big hunk of super outdoor time. Dear Person Reading this,  I promise - yes promise - more and more often.


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