Friday, January 31, 2014


scene 1

The setting: twilight on a brilliantly snow stormy night
The action: woman descends stairs in the approaching dark.  She considers with each step a different angle from which to shoot the spectacular storm visible through the window before her

scene 2
The setting: bottom of stairs
The action: woman missing the bottom stair falls to the floor with all of her descending weight directly upon her left ankle and foot. There is a bone cracking sound.  In pain and feeling stupid woman gets up.
Dialogue: spoken to herself, I can get up!  This is good.

Scene 3
Setting: Dr's office the next morning
Dialogue: Dr to woman: Good news and bad news.  Good could have been so much worse.  there is no major fracture.  Bad news there is a tiny fracture and a tear in the ligament and it will take a long time to heal.  We will put you in a boot.  Come back in 3 weeks and we should at that time be able to but you in a lace up boot.  This type of injury increases chances for an embolism so the main thing now is aspirin and ...

Scene 4
Stetting:  inside home
Woman seen icing foot to the amusement of animals
Woman seen receiving massage/chiropractic treatment from friend's friend
Dog seen getting massage from friend
Dialogue: yelps of pain from woman

So that was yesterday.  Today managing.  Asking for and receiving help.  Bummed to have my life sustaining walks on hold for months but, as the doctor said, it could have been so much worse.
Now, with lots of down time ahead i am thinking of some delicious creative endeavors I might do~ lots of piano practice time providing i can get a small stool placed under the piano for propping the leg up, explore illustration - this has been in the back of my mind for a good while, perhaps return to pencil drawings, drawn in my mind to a drawing i did of Jolie when she was 8.  It is hanging in the guest bedroom where i will be sleeping for a good while to come.  I have always loved this drawing.  Maybe do that again. The first thing to consider is giving crutches a try for a bit though.  Right after that, i have to say, comes taking a bath.  Can this be done? That would be soooo good.  That and getting some extra strength Bufferin.

Message: anything can happen to anyone and anytime.  carpe all of the diems!


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