Monday, April 28, 2014

LAND'S END, a San Francisco walk

 Some people go really nuts over this hike ;¬)!  Endorphins at work.

 Pictured are three of those good looking, athletic, young women that San Francisco seems to have a whole lot of.  These girls were doing their workout by running up and down a steep incline with a stop in between each run for core work and more cardio at the scenic overlook.  They were just as adorable in person as they appear to be here.

When the trail turns inland for a bit, it is equally beautiful.
The long view.
Friendly dog on the dog friendly trail.
 The south west view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
 Where the former Cliff House sat.
A last day walk with friend and neighbor, Susie, on the dog friendly Lands End Trail.

The trail starts at 32nd and Del Mar and goes along the shore of the bay out to the ocean.
It ends at the site of the once opulent and celebrated Cliff House.  ( you can see the ruins on the above).
It was a blustery day but not a terribly cold one and all in all it was a perfect walk and day to celebrate friendship and nature and a special city.

interesting reading and pictures of the Cliff House:,_San_Francisco


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