Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 7- 8000 feet

Twelve oxygen sucking hours from onset to get to the ER ward of The People's Hospital in Lijang.
There are not words to express my gratitude to our friend H. who stayed by my side translating, caring for over 48 hrs, the time it took to arrange air evac. Geo Ex, the tour operator, was like-wise saving the day ( and me) with constant vigilance, advice and simply put making things happen that needed to happen. Cant say enough words of praise to H., Susan and Jim at Geo Ex.

I am eager to leave this chapter behind.


Security, once on the tarmac, wss intense and not a little frightening. The memory of full body search, with 12 - 15 armed and uniformed agents gathered around the door of the ambulance, the additional procedure that involved the emptying of all of the doctors' luggage - medical equipment spread on the ground, pictures taken - leaves me on this 4th of July very very grateful for our country and the miracle of it's freedom.


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