Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer

last night we heard the elk bugling all night and this afternoon several were spotted trotting through the wetland. It occurred to me that summer might be just about over.

It was the talk at the grocery store that convinced me to come home and check the forecast. Yep. 83 degrees right now, 33 tonight.

I took a few true summer shots a few days ago....summer morning, summer night. Soon, surely by the 3rd week in September - 21 days from now, there will be shots of golden aspens and I will be praising their vibrant beauty. Still, right now, it is a little sad to say goodbye to what has, despite its brevity, been a glorious summer.


Blogger Lolo said...

these photos are so beautiful. they make me want to go to the Smokies, or some other mountain abode. Happily, I still have a painting you gave me for my graduation from high school present of Mayna's cabin! Thank goodness -- You're Still honoring cabins 33 years later!

5:54 PM  

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