Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Every year we have mooslings ( made up word) born in the willowy wetlands behind the cabin. No question this was one.

I saw this yearling yesterday and then twice earlier today before he/she? appeared outside the window next to my piano. This formerly little one would, like a number of other moose, stand with his/ her? mama by that window looking at me closely and listening to the music being played. With this one, the way he/she? came around the corner and stopped to listen, it was as if he/she? was returning to something known. yes, yes, I know...projecting human qualities on an animal, but still... he/she? stayed around for a while to listen to some Mendelssohn, check out the moose sculpture on the deck, pull down a tasty limb from an already chewed upon aspen and then contemplate but pass up on a bit of pond water to go with his/her? leafy treat.

You would think those of us who live in this natural world would tire of the moose, elk, deer, river otters, bears, wolves, ducks, owls, ospreys, hawks and eagles. I can safely say that I have never met anyone here that is not awed, respectful of and sometimes frightened by this wonderfully wildlife that we share space with. I am intensely grateful for the privilege of living here.


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