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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Winter Sunset at Las Ventanas

At sunset, as is often the case on a winter beach, the temps dropped quickly to sweater weather and the skies demanded attention.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Cabo Cabo

Whee! Finally managed, after 2 weeks and countless, fruitless support calls to Panasonic and Apple, last night, quite on my own, to get this computer to read this card. Hence a shot from our room at Las Ventanas al Paraiso near Cabo, Mexico where we took a wee vacation earlier in this month.

It is still a bit of a trick getting the image to CS because Apple photo does not recognize any Panasonic cameras. AARRGGHH! So for today there is ony one shot. More tomorrow.

So what we have here is our first night in Cabo, twilight and T. looking at the menu for in room service. This area was called, by the young man who showed us to our room, our living room. So that night we ate in the living room. Night 1 for me of grilled fish that I ate every single night. Was introduced to Parrot Fish and became a patsy for parrot.

Beyond T. will see the invinity edge pool and beyond that the tops of some palabas poking up. Beiing really landlocked folks for the most part, the biggest treat of all was just being at a beach - all of that sky, the sounds of the water and the whales. Whale sightiing from this beach at this time was almost hohum. Almost but not! Everynight at about this time the stingrays started flying into the air - scads of them - and crashing onto the water with load belly flops. We also saw a dolphin looking fish that was called a sea lobo. Someone said it was a kind of seal and who were we to question?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back in Bidnis and Tickled PINK

Finally have a working situation with a camera and bounced back into blogdom in a blush of PINK.
We just learned that Jolie and Owain's baby, due at the end of May, is a GIRL. As you will see, we rushed right to the Baby Dept ( literally within hours of the news! )and celebrated as well at our favorite restaurant here in the desert.
The guy at the table next to us, Bob, seemed to be happy with the news tool.

Jolie dont spend a dime on baby clothes!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Technical Difficulties!

I have been using a new camera this month as well as a new Apple. Seems they do not speak the same language. That is, the card is an unusual type and the machine does not recognize it.
Looking on Tom's camera to use some of his pics from Cabo and they DONT APPEAR TO BE THERE!
Very strange happenings and reason to invoke the gods of technology ( Terry and Tuppence?) or just start shooting for you like crazy on my old, heavy, conspicuous guy. Although i am sure you are loosing patience by now., please stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For the The Scoop on St Valentine...

...go to
Viva romance!

Computer Problems and A Bit of Travel....

...have put me off blog for a bit. Back in business now and will post something soon. a.
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