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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Porque. Why.

The month of January contains the complete photographic exhibit, Porque. Why. Go to Archives/ January 2007

The exhibit consists of 24 images with text. The text is the subject's answer to the questions: Why have you come to this country and what is your goal, wish or dream?

The exhibit is not intended as a political statement, rather as a way of giving voice and face to immigrants from Latin America while inspiring thought and conversation.

The beautiful thing about photography is that it tells the truth.

I came here becuase I had not seen my mother and father for two years. My parents worked hard and brought me to Jackson so that we could all be together again and be a happy family after being apart for so long. I thank them for all of their hard work and love.

My goal here is to get a good education. My school, The Journeys School, has really helped me a lot in teaching me how to speak, write, read and spell English.

Because I have worked hard, I can show that any Latinos can learn these things too.
English can help you reach your goals if you study and work hard.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Vanessa

I am here because life is a little bit easier and musch more secure.

My goal is to be successful personally and economically and to be a better person everyday.

Country of origin - Mexico

Monday, January 29, 2007

Porque. Why......Patti

I came to this country because I was looking for another option, another path.
In a way, I came because I wanted to escape my reality at the moment and to excape the violence in my country.

I want to be with my family and watch us grow.
I want to keep learning and finding myself as a person.
I want to be at my best and encourage others to do the same.

I want to keep my roots and be proud of them.
I want to intergrate American culture as part of my life.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Porque. Why......Tina

I came because my husband is an American. I think that, otherwise, I may not have come. I would not have made it.
In 1997 the coast of Oaxaca, where we had our house, was leveled by a hurricane. This put us into very great debt. Fortunately, we are managing to make the payments but it will take one or two more years before we are entirely out of debt. Then we will go back to my country.

Before the hurricane, I had my own buisness in Oaxaca. Mu dream is to have it again.

Country of origin - Mexico


I am here because I am the victim of the irresposibity and bad governing of Latin American countries. My parents migrated here because of a desire for a better life and because they could.

Now, I am looking forward to finishing school, studying cinematography and, after I graduate from college, moving to either Europe or Asia.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Mercedes

I came to this country because of the bad economy in my country, Mexico, and because I think that this is the place I can be better in every aspect of my life.

My wish is to buy a house, learn English, get a great job and be a better person everyday.

Country of origin - Mexico

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Porque. Why......Jose

I came because my brother was here. I came to work hard and give a better life for my kids.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Sylvia

I came here form Patagonia, Argentina in August 2000. I was on the internet when a page in English popped up. I could not read English very well and then a crazy idea came into my mind. Go to the United States to learn English. I thought it would be a great experience. Two months later I was in Jackson, Wyoming.

It was as if destiny was telling me to be there at that time. My idea was to be a nanny for three to six months. However, I met great people who believed in me and within a year I also met my husband. We have never been apart.

I love this place. It has given us so much. Our dream, however, is to have a family and move back to Argentina someday.

Country of origin - Argentina

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Poque. Why......Marianna

I came to this country to work to provide a better life for my family.

My dream, my wish, my goal is always to remember where I came from and why I came to this country. I want to have a family with bicultural roots, to be near my family and to be happy.

Porque. Why......Jorge

Why am I here? It is simple. Life is very difficult in Mexico. Because of the corruption there, it is not possible to provide economic security for our families.

My goal is the have a stable, legal and healthy life and to find the most important thing, happiness, in the course of my life with the great familly that I have.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Daniela

I came for love. I will follow my husband everywhere.
I am glad that I came; I fell in love with this place. I want to stay here forever. I love Jackson.

Country of origin - Chile

Friday, January 19, 2007

Porque. Why......Juan


I came because the situation in Mexico is very difficult and there were times when I didn't even know what to feed my children.

Country of origin - Mexico

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Porque. Why......Lety

I came looking for a better life.
I realize now that it is not enough to seek a better life just for myself.
I must seek and work for a better life for my community and my family as well.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why. ......Graco

I came to this country because in Mexico I had no money, no hopes and no future. I came because my wife gave me the opportunity. Through hard work here, I have been opening the doors of a better life for my family.

My goal is to see my kids finish college and to continue improving themselves.
I hope this goal will be a reality in the future.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why.......Jessica


I am here as a result of my parent's decision to seek a better quality of life, a better future and the priviledge of experiencing another culture.

My dream is to be a translator. I believe my dream is very similar to that of others who want to help the Latinos, both those who have come here for the first time and those who intend to stay many years.

Country of origin - Mexico

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Porque. Why......Blanca


I came here because I never say no to the opportunities that life offers. Coming to Jackson was the best thing that could have happened to me.
I have worked hard and I have learned a lot. I have met unforgettable people who have supported me in ways that madke my dreams come true.

I want always to say yes to every opportunity this country offers.
I feel this is the best way to say thank you.
Bit by bit I want to give back to this country.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Martin


Before I came to this country I had the vision to provide a better life for my family.
With God's help and with hard work I am making this come true.

Country of origin - Mexico

Porque. Why......Floranelia

I came here because of the economic situation in my country and also I am curious to know about new places.
I am also curious to find other ways to get what is needed without being a slave.

My dream is to have my own business and to be self sufficient.

Country of origin - Mexico

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Porque. Why......Cesar

I left Guatemala in 1992 due to the political situation at that time.
My life and the lives of my family were in grave danger.
I never wanted to leave my country. I wanted to contribute to the improvement of my country.
I feel heartbroken still that I had to leave.

I had no choice. I wanted to live.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Porque. Why......Elena

I came here from Mexico looking for the opportunity to better myself in all aspects: economically, personally and culturally.

My goal is to go back to my country and create little opportunities for others.
I want to help my people.
I believe I can do this is I first better myself. By doing this I will discover the ways to help others.

country of origin - Mexico

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I came to this place by the randomness of destiny. I already had very dear relatives living here. I didn't have any kind of expectations for good or for bad. I simply wanted to get away from all that I knew. Down the road I found myself, my vocation and the love of my life.

Our goal is to open a business in the hospitality field in a quiet place away from the stresses that big cities carry along - hopefully - in a place where people value a simple lifestyle.

country of origin - Mexico

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Porque. Why. ......Miguel

My family depends on me.
I came to work here so that they can have a better life.
Also, I came to save my wife who is sick.
country of origin:Mexico

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Porque. Why.......Elena

Porque. Why. - a focus on reasons for immigration from Latin America

opened at Lindsay McCandless Contemporary in Jackson last Friday.

The photos are on a 20 x 20 sheet of paper with the text on the lower half.

The text is the answer, in the subject's own words, to the questions: Why have you come to this country and what is your goal/ dream?

There are 24 images. You wont be able to read the text so, for each of the images, I will include it in the post.

The first is Elena. Her words:

I came here to find economic progress for my family and myself.

My dream is to be a nurse and to go back to my country feeling proud to have been in a country that offers so many opportunities.
country of origin - Mexico

Friday, January 05, 2007

Porque. Why.

This exhibit opens tonight. This is the hqlf pqge newpqper ad. If I can figure out a way to add the article in the paper I will.
My artist's talk will have a handy " ice breaker" being yet somewhat broken by ice myself.

I will post the 24 pictures with the text soon.
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