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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Visit with long time friends

Lauren, T and I drove down to Menlo Park yesterday to visit dear friends that we have known since Lauren was about 2 years old. Lots of memories, all savory, always accompany our time with Betty and Myron.

Lauren's most vivid memory is back "when Jolie was 14" of having spent the might before drinking Pina Coladas ( her first ) with Myron's son, Jeff, then going on a mega mile run with Myron the next day. i think that " you cant make this too hard for me" grit that Lauren has pushed her through that day. No quitter that girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"I must go down to the sea again"...

A short trip to San Diego to work on a photo project ( a great one that I will fill you in on later!) There was no time for seeing sites other than out the window of the hotel in short time I was in the hotel - not even time to visit some dear old friends - but it was fresh and beautiful and memorable.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

and yet another ( beautiful day in the neighborhood)

Above is the beginning of the Lyon Street steps, a two solid blocks of steps that become more and more severe in decent as you make your way down. Coming back up, particularly from the very bottom, the ascent seems not to match the descent but instead has become much more significant. Right now, along both sides of that decline then incline are the most beautiful plum blossoms I have ever seen. Like the steps they are breathtaking!
In the middle, just off Vallejo Street, there is a small formal garden. Because of the posh mansion bordering this little garden you can have a sense of trespassing in some private Eden.

Monday, April 04, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

After a whole lot of rain that surely turned into a whole lot of snow back in Wyoming, we are having some gorgeous that prompted a stop by Lucca's on Chestnut St on Sunday for sandwichs to go. Fortified with lots of good stuff including fresh buratta chees and Acme walnut bread, we headed out across the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodao Beach and the gorgeous walks above the beach.

Above you see photos of the stop by Lucca's, the beautiful, beautiful sea and a pretty amazing sight of a fisherman casting into the wind from a high, high bluff. We have no idea how, should there be a fish on the end of that very long line, the fish makes it up the reeling in process without being battered to bits on the mega rocks along the way. True the rod is very long and the fisherman must hold it far out beyond the precipice, still...

Directly above in the last two shots you see some of the hidden bunkers that once served as guardians of San Francisco Bay. These bunkers are thoroughly abandoned now but each one that you come upon as you traverse these gorgeous hills demands consideration of what those days must have been like.

The last picture may be a little challenging. it certainly is not a great shot but demonstrates, I think, the large size of some of the battery bunkers as well as their very hidden nature. Hint: as you search for the bunker think great homesite.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Popping Up

Not long ago, on a great rainy night, we went to a pop up dinner. Pop up is such a great idea and has truly taken hold here in San Francisco. The evening was marvelous, the food fabulous. Read here to learn about the chef, famous for her cooking AND for being on Top Chef, and about the menu for the night.

Here's the menu and the information:
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