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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


.. was the visit of my friend - and now T's - Pablo Sainz Villegas. He was here to perform as the special guest performer at the guarantor's dinner of the Grand Teton Music Festival. The performance and the entire evening was spectacular and the hike Pablo and I took in the park during the day of the performance..well.. heaven itself.

Do yourself a very big favor and listen to some of Pablo's music on this site

choose Multimedia to listen to music.

you may need to copy and paste.


A wonderful not birthday celebration - because I was sick on my actual birthday and because it was a big one - with GREAT friends last weekend.

Jean B showed up with rings ( that she had made) on her fingers and bells ( that she had attached to her shoes ) on her toes.
Everyone was asked to bring a funny story about themselves or to be prepared to sing and or dance...and they DID. What a fabulous and fun night and what super wonderful friends I have!
Seriously. I really do have wonderful friends.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


...I went back the very next opportunity, dawn on Tuesday.
Be sure to scroll below to hear the wolves - faint but if you turn your volume up all the way you will hear them. Special.


Started out Sunday afternoon late with two very good friends on my first wolf watching adventure. I am forever affected...the peace, the focus, the gentle fellowship, the vastness of the site and the wolves...graceful, at ease, beautiful. What a gift!

Monday, August 13, 2012


About 8:45 last night towards the end of a most wonderful several hours of watching wolves.


Apologies for the visual. It was late on a smokey evening and this is what the G12 insisted that it saw. I saw otherwise but, if you turn your audio up you will hear what we all heard...The wonderful, WONDERFUL song of the wolves.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

UN...HERD... OF!

For most of the day yesterday we had this herd of elk in the yard. First of all, until the past few years have we had no elk here at all but, second - and most important - when they have come it has been very late in the fall.

A herd of elk in the yard on August 1 is startling enough for me to inquire about as to why this has happened. Turns out that it is so dry up in the mountains this year that the animals are coming down early to find grazing. Indeed, we had an e-mail notice that a bear had been seen in our neighborhood.

The dryness is troubling because we all have the feeling that one big fire close to town and we are cooked. It is a beautiful day though and, mercifully, all is well.
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