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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Journeys School, Jackson, WY

Before leaving Jackson for some months in San Francisco I began an update of Journeys School images.
 The first round was back in 04 when Journeys was in its early days and operating out of a former motel property called Mad Dog.  In o5 Journeys moved to their marvelous present location on the Jackson campus of Teton Science School.
I will be posting a mix of images from this shoot.  More will follow of the Upper School later in the year.  For now: the lower grades.
 Journey kids and teachers AND guest take off shoes at the door.  Best to have a pair of comfy indoor shoes - in the case of this precious preschooler, a pair of pink crocs that makes you look like a doll.
NOTE:  my slothful ways really are done with!  many more pics to follow.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

San Francisco 2/09 is about...

Street music.  I think of street music of a gift out of the blue.  A worthy axiom is never, ever pass by without dropping something in the hat.  

Double take

The cutest toddler on the planet I Chats from Tokyo, taking a photo as I take hers.

PS see Jolie's blog for pics of the cutest toddler on the planet with elephants and, "oh my!" tigers.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

San Francisco 2/09 is about...

......apartment life with three cats, the most amusing being 
Eddie ( Puss Wrecks ) who, at only 1 1/2 years has the size and agility of a small leopard.
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