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Monday, February 21, 2011

Let there be music!

A delightful but too short shoot as I try to track down Cuban music.

Must be noted here ~

Have been not so much lazy as under the all consuming influence of The Move. I wrote about it, posted a wretched picture about it, dreaded it back in Jan. One thing, then another thing and another and it did not happen. Tomorrow it does. Packers tomorrow, mover the next day. Like childbirth, one forgets how really hard AND messy moving is.

Am hoping the dust literally settles soon and I can get back to keeping up here on a more regular basis. Hoping ATT does its work of getting us back into a communication mode too but - aye - nothing to do with them so far has given me any reassurance of that happened. HOPE then to be back soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Full Moon

No, SF does not h ave it's own lunar calendar. Although we are coming up on a full moon soon, this is the last one. just ba bit...well, a lot of bits...behind on posting.


As you can imagine Giant fever is still hot in SF. We went to the Commonwealth club to hear Bruce Bochy, the Giants manager and Brian Sabean the General manager of these famous Giants last week. On a waiting list, we were squeezed into the back of the room at the last minute. Cant say that I say much but here is some of what I heard.

The Giants are all "characters' because they are allowed, even encouraged to be. Some clubs, it seems, are very strict - even restrictive by the free swinging Giants p.o.v.
This character filled team is known especially for the Wilson's beard and, oddly i cant remember the owner/wearer of, a fur jock strap.

Baseball is in trouble. When kids can these days go straight from high school to major football and basketball teams they make big bucks instantly. In baseball they have to go through the minor league teams. Getting to a major league team can take years. In addition, there is a good deal less money as well in baseball so kids are not as likely to get big scholarships.

SF is really NUTS over this team. After the talk, I have to say that i was astounded to overheard the white haired ladies room line go on about spring training. I sort of smiled a lot and agreed when it seemed a good idea. I think I will do better in the Ladies line at the ballet today!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Japantown This Morning

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