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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bhutan and GNH

GNH is how Gross National Happiness is referred to in the kingdom of Bhutan and a picture book, or a series of picture books, for children about GNH is the assignment given to me by the Secretary of Education of that country.

You might imagine that the subject - the desire on the part of the king and his government that happiness of all Bhutanese be of foremost importance - could be elusive. Afterall, happiness is pretty subjective.

If you imagine thusly, you would be right and wrong. You would be right in that I had no idea when I first arrived in the country how I would find evidence of GNH. You would wrong,though, in thinking happiness to be elusive in a country that is neither hurried or harried.

Bhutan appears to be a gentle country with the tenets of Buddhism as it's foundation. Kindness and respect for others and the enviroment in which one lives appear to be rich soil for happiness.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Point Lobos

We made a stop in Carmel before going to Seattle having bid on and won a weekend in a hotel there. Both afternoons of our stay were spent here at surely one of the most beautiful spots on earth, Point Lobos.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ariel's MBA

A week ago today we were in Seattle to celebrate Ariel's graduation from Baimbridge Graduate Institute, the cutting edge place for cutting edge studies in sustainable business practices.
I am beyond proud of our daughter who has, on her own steam and dime, flown to Baimbridge Island once a month September - May for three years to pursue her dream of knowing and being and contributing MORE. While she has had, for many years, her own suscessful decorative painting buisness she has, via this study and degree, changed her life. This change will, no doubt, impact the world in the positive way that she envisions.

Since then I have been editing and backing up for hours and hours and hours. There is still quite a bit more to go but very soon I will begin posting pictures and telling you a bit about Bhutan and Gross National Happiness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Finally home!

After many days - a moon and a half - I am finally home in Jackson.
This is a promise....many pictures to follow but first unpack, download and re-enter the home and life I left Jan. 7.
Please check in again soon.
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